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VR8 is organized into 5 overall projects. Each of the projects has been assigned a work package manager. In addition, some of the projects have been assigned researchers.

Managers of work packages:

Mia Beck Lichtenstein

Project manager for VR8 and WP1: Management and dissemination

Head of Research at Centre for Telepsychiatry,
Telepsychiatry Research Unit.
Authorized Psychologist and PhD.

  • Mail: mlichtenstein@health.sdu.dk / mialic@rsyd.dk
  • Tel: +45 2621 8846

Thomas Lambertsen Binzer

WP2: Software development

Consultant at Centre for Telepsychiatry,
Development and Implementation.
Civil engineer.

  • Mail: thlb@rsyd.dk
  • Tel: +45 2360 6596

Robin Niels Kok

WP3: Clinical trials

Assistant professor at Department of Psychology,
member of INSIDE and senior researcher at CIMT –
Center for Innovative Medical Technology.
Psychologist and PhD.

  • Mail: rkok@health.sdu.dk
  • Tel: +45 6550 8731

Kristine Tarp​

WP4: Implementation

Postdoc at Centre for Telepsychiatry Center,
Telepsychiatry Research Unit.
Anthropologist and PhD.

  • Mail: Kristine.Tarp@rsyd.dk
  • Tel: +45 2466 1404

Kristian Kidholm​

WP5: Cost-effectiveness study

Research leader at CIMT –
Center for Innovative Medical Technology.
PhD in Health Economics.

  • Mail: Kristian.Kidholm@rsyd.dk
  • Tel: +45 3058 6477


Asge Frederik Matthiesen

WP2.1: Development of video and coping content for exposure therapy

PhD student at the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute.

  • Mail: asfm@mmmi.sdu.dk

Marco Scirea

WP2.2: Development of anxiety model and integration with biofeedback

Assistant Professor at the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute.
  • Mail: msc@mmmi.sdu.dk
  • Tel: +45 9194 4373

Mathias Torp Ernst

WP3.1: Feasibility study

Psychologist at Centre for Telepsychiatry,
Internet Psychiatry and Telepsychiatry Research Unit.

  • Mail: Mathias.Torp.Ernst@rsyd.dk
  • Tel: +45 2964 9705
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