WP4: Implementation

If the clinical trials show positive results, the experiences from the clinical trials will be used to begin implementing the treatment from VR8 in the Center for Telepsychiatry (CTP).

In addition, a comprehensive strategy for implementation in outpatient psychiatric treatment will be proposed.

This process will be divided into three phases.

Phase 1: Preparation for implementation

This phase will focus on translating the evidence from WP3 into routine practice. The primary step is to derive knowledge from WP3 about treatment manuals, work routines, support, and infrastructure by the means of group interviews with professionals. Semi-structured individual interviews will be conducted with patients. The combined knowledge will give insights into how VR8 can be adjusted to the requirements of the CTP.

Phase 2: Implementation in CTP

Based on the ItFits-toolkit developed by the Horizon 2020 research project ImpleMentAll, phase 2 will see the implementation of VR treatment at CTP. By providing methods, materials, and knowledge on implementation strategies, ItFits offers concrete guidance on tailoring implementation strategies to local determinants of practices, applying them and evaluating their impact.

Phase 3: Strategy and toolkit for implementation in mental health service

Phase 3 develops a strategy and toolkit for large scale implementation in the MHS. Knowledge and tools from phase 1 and 2 can be adjusted to local needs at the nine departments in the MHS, and draw upon general manuals, guidelines, policies, and incentives on a large scale hospital level.


Kristine Tarp​

Work package leader

Postdoc at Centre for Telepsychiatry,
Telepsychiatry Research Unit.
Anthropologist and PhD.

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